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Online shopping provides us with the convenience of getting what we want when we want right at our doorsteps without having to leave the house. The Pakistani e-commerce industry is on the rise and we are seeing new advancements each passing day. However, the high number of online shopping websites and the countless products available on these websites make the task of finding the right products a laborious task. is an online product search engine can help out you with this.

Understanding is Pakistan’s biggest products-based search engine. The search engine provides a single stop for customers to find the best prices for the products they are looking for. The automated engine for the search engine crawls through all online stores in Pakistan to populate a list of the latest products and best prices. As a customer, you can find everything you need about products including the online stores they are available in, their prices, and any discounts applicable on them.

The Statistics:

In just a matter of months, has generated some impressive numbers as shown below:

  • The search engine receives over 350,000 monthly hits.
  • There are over 1.2 million products on the search engine from various online websites in Pakistan.
  • The product search engine generates sales for millions of rupees for online stores through backlinks and its product listings.

The Facts:

Here are a few facts that you should know about the product search engine:

  • The service provided by is free for customers and it always will be free.
  • The entire system used by the search engine is automated – it makes use of an intelligent algorithm for listing and indexing the products. There are no preferences or sponsored posts on the search engine.
  • It is not an online store or shopping website itself i.e. it does not sell any products of its own. It is simply an intermediary between customers and online shopping websites that lists products available on different websites.

A Blessing for Customers and Vendors?

As a customer, the search engine provides you with the luxury of not having to skim through websites over websites just to know if a product is available or not. Furthermore, you can find the lowest prices and best deals for products you are looking for, all through a single search on the search engine. The simple and easy-to-use interface of the website makes it very convenient to check the availability and find the price and related information about products that you are looking for.

As a vendor and online shopping website, the search engine provides the perfect opportunity to market your products. The impressive reach of the product search engine ensures that you can drive organic traffic to your online store through the search engine. With the increasing popularity of the product search engine, this is the perfect opportunity for you to advertise your products and online store.

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